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I mentioned in an earlier post about my target buck for this year. His name is, Big 7, and in this video you will see why I call him that. I have sheds from the previous 2 seasons and some nice trail camera photos as well. I will be sharing some of this stuff as the year progresses. This is the target buck I am after this year. He will be 4.5 years old and a fully mature animal. I believe I will have my hands full with this guy!

Big 7 Blog Post

I recently purchased a 3 pack of Buck Cage scent dispensers. They arrived very quickly and I started a little experiment. I loaded the Buck Cage with Smokey's Pre-Orbital Deer Lure. This is a very oily solution and I had to add a little bit of water to get the polymer beads to soak everything up. It still took a night to load up the beads and boy did is smell perfect!

Yesterday, March 17th, 2016, I went to the 100 acre farm I hunt and located a well used scrape. I hung the trail camera and hung the Buck Cage. I am looking to prove that deer will continuously hit scrapes all throughout the year and also I am watching to see what bucks have made it through the season. I am looking for one buck in particular, Big 7, to see how big he will get this year. I was lucky enough to pick up both of his sheds this year. 

I will be checking the camera and Buck Cage in about two weeks. Will reload the bead with scent and continue to watch as the season progresses.

I hope you will follow along as this experiment goes!

Buck Cage Video Blog #1

It is very sad once the season is over and the cold grasp of winter is gripping the area I call home! The PA Deer season ends in Mid January and small game and coyotes are the main attraction. I spend some time in the woods looking for the fawn killers but most of my time is spent preparing for the upcoming season. Deer inventory, shed hunting, mineral site selection, and my favorite, "New Products!"

This year was a light winter for Northwest Pennsylvania so I was able to start deer inventory and shed hunting early. To this day I have found 5 sheds. My best find is a matched set of sheds from the target buck, "Big 7". There will be more about him in another article! The most interesting product I have located and purchased is called the Buck Cage! From the moment I saw this invention, I knew I had to add them to my tool box. I purchased a few right away.

If you are a deer hunter who uses any kind of scents, the Buck Cage is a Must!!! The Buck Cage makes using scents economical, easy to use, and simple to hang. I have to say that I might be biased a little as this product is created in my home state of Pennsylvania, regardless, you will not be disappointed with how it works!

You might ask, What is so special about the Buck Cage? The first thing I really like about the Buck Cage is that it is very affordable. Every buck cage comes with pre-loaded polymer beads. A single buck cage is $12.99 and comes in 3 different colors. If you like, you can get a 3 pack of Buck Cages for $24.99. You can get a six pack of polymer replacement beads for $5.99. That will be more than enough to last you through the season. 

Why else is it so economical? The Buck Cage will allow you to spend less on your scent. The secret is the polymer beads and how they absorb and hold the scent and release it over a longer period of time. The average bottle of scent I use is 2 ounces and cost about $9.00. With the Buck Cage polymer beads, I simply use half and ounce at a time and that half  ounce will last about two weeks. In Pennsylvania my archery season is only about 8 weeks long. So one bottle of scent will last me the entire season. That alone is money saved in my pocket!

Raise your hand if you have ever spilled your bottle of scent in your home or truck! I know my wife has had issues with me even opening my scent in the house. The Buck Cage has made this issue much easier for me. The simple steps to use the Buck Cage are:

1. Pour 1/2 ounce of scent/ urine into the carry container. ( Included)

2. Place Buck Cage into the carry/charge container.

3. Close the snap tight lid! (Will not leak)

4. Allow the polymer beads 40-60 minutes to soak up the scent. ( For best results, give it a few hours for greater absorption)

That is literally it!!! How much easier can you get? Everything is where you need it, it will not spill, and the scent is stored in the polymer beads! No mess on your hands, not spilling in your house or car, and you are only using half an ounce of scent! Now you are ready to use it in the woods on your hunt!

As easy as the Buck Cage is to load with scent, it is even easier to hang where you want! When you get to your hunting spot, simply squeeze the carry case and the top pops open. Each Buck Cage has a half moon attachment at the top. Simply pop the lid to the carry case and slide the Buck Cage on a tree branch. It will hang there while you hunt creating a great attractant for deer! When you are ready to get out of the woods just put the carry case under the Buck Cage, lift up, and that will allow you to get the Buck Cage off of the branch. Never once do you have to touch the Buck Cage with your hands! Snap the lid and you are safe to leave your hunting area!

If you are like me and use different scents through the season, do not worry, Buck Cage has you covered. All you need is replacement polymer beads and you are set. To replace the polymer beads just remove the bottom cap, dump out the old beads, and refill with new beads! Now you are ready to hunt a different part of the season. 

The Buck Cage has already worked its way into my tool box for the 2016 season. I am using it as a tool to help me inventory the deer on the 100 acre farm I hunt. I have loaded the Buck Cage polymer beads with Smokey's Pre-Orbital deer lure and I am hanging them on mock scrapes. In my experience, deer will continue to hit scrapes all year round. I am now trying the Buck Cage as a survey tool. I will be posting pictures and results as I gather them. I hope you stay connected as I report back the details of my experiment!

If you are interested in a Buck Cage feel free to visit them at: www.mountainhighhunting.com or feel free to reach out to me at kighty7@gmail.com. I have posted a link to the main forum about how to get the Buck Cage at a discount. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask! Enjoy the little commercial link!

Buck Cage Commercial