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Buck Cage Video Blog #1

Mar 18 '16 | By Brian | Views: 1928 | Comments: 2
I recently purchased a 3 pack of Buck Cage scent dispensers. They arrived very quickly and I started a little experiment. I loaded the Buck Cage with Smokey's Pre-Orbital Deer Lure. This is a very oily solution and I had to add a little bit of water to get the polymer beads to soak everything up. It still took a night to load up the beads and boy did is smell perfect!

Yesterday, March 17th, 2016, I went to the 100 acre farm I hunt and located a well used scrape. I hung the trail camera and hung the Buck Cage. I am looking to prove that deer will continuously hit scrapes all throughout the year and also I am watching to see what bucks have made it through the season. I am looking for one buck in particular, Big 7, to see how big he will get this year. I was lucky enough to pick up both of his sheds this year. 

I will be checking the camera and Buck Cage in about two weeks. Will reload the bead with scent and continue to watch as the season progresses.

I hope you will follow along as this experiment goes!

Buck Cage Video Blog #1

Mar 18 '16
I'll be interested in find out how it works I recently signed on as a field staff.
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Mar 19 '16
This sounds like a great experiment.
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