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What's In Your Tool Box?

Brian | Mar 17 '16 | Comments: 11 | Tags: archery, deer, scent, buck cage, hunting, lures
It is very sad once the season is over and the cold grasp of winter is gripping the area I call home! The PA Deer season ends in Mid January and small game and coyotes are the main attraction. I spend some time in the woods looking for the fawn killers but most of my time is spent preparing for the upcoming season. Deer inventory, shed...

Simple Strategies to Becoming a Better Squirrel Hunter

Kyle Settle | Mar 6 '16 | Comments: 8 | Tags: hunting, small game hunting, squirrel hunting
Learn the conditions that effect movement and the behaviors of these little critters so you can fill your limit this season. Squirrels are easier to hunt if you find out more about their patterns. Here are a few tips on closing in on the small game you’re after. Who knows, squirrel stew may be on the menu sooner than you think....

Father Son Double

Kyle Settle | Feb 17 '16 | Rate: 5 | Comments: 9 | Tags: deer hunting, hunting, whitetail, whitetail hunting
My dad began letting me hunt with him when I was 5 years old.  I began to muzzle loader hunt with him when I turned 11 years old. Even before that I would wait patiently at the window for him to come home from one of his adventures. Dad and I before I began hunting The morning began with my father and I...